Fractures of the Shoulder and Humerus

The shoulder is a bone which is vulnerable to fracture and breakage, particularly in people over sixty years of age when the bones may be a little thinner. Fractures occur through various parts of the shoulder and can cause great disruption and handicap long-term if inadequately treated.

Shoulder fractures are now well understood and if the fracture fragments are badly mal-aligned, it is necessary to treat them early and aggressively, in order to give the patient every chance of the best recovery. It is necessary to restore the alignment of the bearing surfaces and the neighbouring bones with the shoulder muscles attached.

There are various screws and plates now, which facilitate this. Keyhole techniques are also undertaken. Delay makes this surgery very difficult. Unfortunately, no matter how good the surgery, patients usually take a minimum of six months to recover from a shoulder fracture and the majority will also lose some of their range of movement.

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