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Mr. Michael kurer Frcs Frcs (Orth)
Consultant Orthopædic & Shoulder Surgeon
I have a particular interest in disorders and surgery of the shoulder, including impingement, dislocation, rotator cuff tears, humeral and collar bone (clavicle) fractures and other upper limb injuries such as Colles and other radius or wrist fractures. I also prepare Expert reports for medico-legal purposes both for personal injury and negligence cases. …read more about Michael Kurer

'One stop' Shoulder Assessment and Treatment

For many years Mr Kurer has been offering his patients a ‘one stop’ shoulder assessment and treatment service. There are three parts to this, which can all be done at the same appointment:

1. Clinical assessment This includes a specialist shoulder clinical examination.

2. Ultrasound imaging of the shoulder. Here an ultrasound probe and machine (similar that used in obstetrics) is used to scan the shoulder. This is particularly helpful for the diagnosis of rotator cuff disorders, calcific tendonitis, long head of biceps inflammation and osteoarthritis of the acromioclavicular joint.

3. Local anaesthetic and cortisone injections with ultrasound guidance.

The clinician and patient will be certain that the correct area of the shoulder has been injected either with local anaesthetic for diagnostic purposes, or a cortisone injection for therapeutic purposes so that these injections will never not ‘take’ because they were not quite in the right place.

Summary of findings and explanation All the findings will be discussed and explained often with the use of anatomical shoulder models.
FAQ - Is the injection very painful? With ultrasound guidance, because the clinician can see exactly where the medicine is going, a much finer needle and a smaller volume of medicine is required. This minimises the pain associated with these injections so that it is usually only as painful as a ‘flu jab. After the injection, many patients say, ‘Was that it?’

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