Computer-Guided Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement has evolved over the last 30 years but recently there has been a sea change with the use of computers to dramatically improve accuracy of prosthetic choice and placement in the shoulder in the operating theatre.

The accuracy starts with a pre-operative CT scan, where the shoulder joint bones are copied as digital x-rays and then transferred to the planning computer.

Before the surgery, on the computer model, Mr Kurer will plan and decide what size and in exactly what position the new prosthetic components should be placed.

Using the Exactec Shoulder replacement system there is then a ground-breaking next step.

All those details are then saved on to the computer and can be accessed from within the operating theatre. At the time of surgery, various points on the bone around the shoulder are marked and linked with the computer. The computer is then linked to the instruments, for example the drill, guiding Mr Kurer as he places the components.  This precisely replicates the positioning of the components, as planned before the surgery.

Not only are the components placed correctly, but all the securing screws are placed precisely, so as to avoid inadvertently perforating the bone and impaling soft tissues. Never before has this level of precision and safety been available.

Here is a link to the Exactech website where there is further information as well as diagrammatic videos.


Computer guided G Shoulder Surgery

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