Medico-Legal Practice

I have been preparing reports for medico-legal purposes for many years. I started writing reports for personal injury claims over 25 years ago.

I started writing reports for medical negligence claims over 15 years ago.

I am recognised and listed by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

I am recognised and listed by Action against Medical Accidents (AVMA).

My waiting time for a personal injury report appointment is about 4 months.  These reports deal with all aspects of the effects of the injury on the Claimant and include a relevant internationally recognized functional score or scores.

They are usually available 6 weeks after the appointment.

For alleged negligence reports, I prepare two different types of reports:

  • There is a ‘screening report’, where the major milestones of the case are outlined and an opinion given on the merits of the case.  In the event that the case is considered to have merit, then there is enough detail for a ‘Statement of Claim’ to be prepared.
  • There is then the full Liability and Causation report, which has all the relevant details of the case and a detailed explanation and opinion.  This report is suitable for exchange later in the litigation process.
Both of these reports are usually available 6 weeks after receipt of papers and images.
My instructions in the past for personal injury work have been in 90% of cases from Claimants and in 10% of cases from Defendants.

For alleged negligence my instructions are from Claimants 100% of the time.
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