Mr Kurer has prepared rehabilitation videos specific to various common operations. He will suggest these as appropriate. The list of videos can be found below, with their YouTube links:

1. General Stretch and Acromioplasty

2. Rotator Cuff – Anatomic Replacement

3. Reversed Shoulder Replacement

4. Latarjet Procedure

5. Active Assisted Stretch

6. Passive Overhead Stretch

7. External Rotation Stretch

8. Internal Rotation Stretch

9. Pendulum Exercise

10. Elbow Stretch

Mr Kurer has also given lectures and these lecture links are also available here:

My Shoulder is dislocated. What next?

My Shoulder hurts.  What next?

Shoulder Problems in General Practice:

Medicolegal Problems with the Shoulder and Elbow:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:


Rehabilitation Videos

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